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Come in for comprehensive eye exam services and select new glasses or be evaluated for contact lenses.

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Why Choose Us

Do you want better vision and quality products? We will offer you a personalized recommendation to maximize your vision with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Do you want your eyes to feel better? We offer dry eye and ocular surface disease management that others in the area cannot match. 


How We Can Help You

Rib Mountain Eye Care in Wausau, WI is a private optometry practice that provides individualized recommendations for vision correction and ocular health. We have years of experience observing what works and what does not with glasses, contact lenses, and ocular health management. Let us explain the options to you so you can make an informed decision.


See the Difference

At Rib Mountain Eye Care in Wausau, we offer you a professional, private practice experience.  We want you to see well and have comfortable eyes.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Examinations


Many patients at Rib Mountain Eye Care in Wausau are successful with contact lenses. We put an emphasis on comfort and long-term eye health when selecting lenses for you.

Dry, Irritated Eyes


Our dry eye services range from the simple to the complex. We want you to feel comfortable and preserve the parts of your eye that make a quality tear film.

Often times red, irritated eyes are the result of oil gland dysfunction and loss. An ocular surface evaluation will determine if this comfortable, 12-minute procedure is right for you. Lipiflow refreshes and rejuvenates the oil glands so that your eyes feel better. 

Specialized Retina Evaluations


Did you know your diet affects the quality of your vision? Macular pigment in the retina both protects the sensitive layers and fine tunes vision. We can tell you if you are already receiving proper nutrition for your vision or if there is room for improvement.

Tear and Eyelid Treatment Video

Lipiflow is an in-office procedure we have been successfully doing for over a year. It is the only FDA-cleared device to actual treat the "root" problem of most dry eye. Other treatments can only provide symptomatic relief - they do not interrupt the disease process in the oil glands.

Our Products

Glasses and Sunglasses


Come see the choices and pick out what you need to see clear and comfortable.

Contact Lenses


The number one problem with contact lenses for most people is comfort. We will select lenses that will help you see clear and comfortable for years to come.

Surgical Co-Management


At Rib Mountain Eye Care, we are happy to discuss and refer you for LASIK, PRK, or Cataract Surgery if appropriate. 


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Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.   

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